Industrial Hydraulic Services was founded in 1998 as Industrial Equipment Services. When we incorporated, we decided to focus on the hydraulic portion of our business as IHS Inc. We still work on bucket trucks, cranes, and any other type of hydraulic equipment. We specialize in cylinders, pumps, and motors as well as components that go along with these items. We also specialize in systems. Customers frequently come in with hydraulic systems of mismatched parts. The right way to put together an efficient system is to start with a complete understanding of what is expected out of the system. Once every operational factor is determined IHS can put together an efficient system for your purpose or modify yours to meet your requirements. IHS can troubleshoot your existing system to bring it back to the performance expected out of it.

Quality is a key component of Industrial Hydraulic Services success. When we rebuild a unit, we aim to rebuild that unit to achieve 70-80% of the original life. For example, if your unit lasted 10 years before failing, we want to restore that unit so that it will perform for at least 7 years after we give it back to you. This is the quality standard we have set for ourselves with all of our workmanship. We offer a one year warranty for all of our work. If a unit failure occurs in that one year, we want to diagnose what caused the failure so we can better assist our customers. Industrial Hydraulic Services has always stood by its work and makes every effort to return quality products to its customers.