FF491-3-8 Quick Disconnect, Male

FF491-3-8 Quick Disconnect, Male
FF491-3-8 Quick Disconnect, Male FF491-3-8 Quick Disconnect, Male FF491-3-8 Quick Disconnect, Male
Brand:Safeway Hydraulics
Part No.SWYFF491-3-8
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High Pressure, Flush Face

No Spillage & High Flow

SafeWay's FF49 Series quick couplings provide rugged-flush-face valving for non-spill dry breaks, and allows one-hand push-to-connect with safety sleeve-lock standard. The 3/8" size meets HTMA dimensional standards while providing significantly higher pressure containment than other brands (10,000 operating psi). Ideally suited for use in hydraulic hand tools, overhead bucket hoists, skid-steer loaders, and whenever spillage can constitute a safety or environmental hazard.

  • Interchangeable with quick couplings meeting ISO 16028 dimensional requirements (including the FFE49 series) while exceeding performance requirements.

  • Provides significantly higher working pressure than couplers we replace, with equal or better flow.

  • Minimum air inclusion during connection and minimum fluid spillage during disconnection.

  • Rugged flush face valving allows easy cleaning to minimize system contamination.

  • The 3/8” body size includes unique double seals behind the coupler sleeve to prevent contamination from reaching critical toleranced parts.

  • Maximum flow for quick system response.

  • Smooth push-to-connect operation will allow connections against a maximum of 250 psi trapped pressure.

  • Standard sleeve lock feature prevents unintended disconnection.

  • Additional detent (locking) balls greatly improve durability and increase pressure containment.

  • Excellent for use anywhere spillage can result in a safety or environmental hazard.

  • Method of obtaining and presenting performance data conforms to ANSI (NFPA) T3.20.2.R2, Hydraulic fluid power – Quick action couplings – Test methods.

Quick Disconnects
Max Operating Pressure 10,000 PSI
Rated Flow 10 GPM
Body Size ISO 3/8"
Thread Size #8 (3/4"-16) Female O-Ring Boss
Max Spillage .02 Cubic Centimeters

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