H Series Char-Lynn 101-1039

H Series Char-Lynn 101-1039
Part No.MOT101-1039
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Char-Lynn101-1039 Char-Lynn H Series Motor.


Click PDF for H Series Brochure

H Series Brochure

Mount 2 Bolt 3¼" Pilot
Shaft Size 1" Keyed - 1" x ¼" Woodruff Key
Port Size SAE#10 (⅞-14)
Displacement 17.9 in³/rev = 293 cm³/rev
Max Speed Cont. 192 RPM
Max Flow Cont. 15 GPM
Max Flow Int. 20 GPM
Max Pressure Cont. 1350 PSI
Max Pressure Int. 1800 PSI
Max Torque Cont. 3110 lb. in
Max Torque Int. 4121 lb. in

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