About Us

Danny McKenna has been working in the hydraulic field for many years. He started his company over 15 years ago and Industrial Hydraulic Services has been one of the leading hydraulic shops in the Florida panhandle since its inception. We specialize in pump, motor, and cylinder rebuilds and have a wide variety of products to provide a full range of service options for any of our customer’s needs. We also perform equipment repairs for many of the hydraulic equipment fleets. We serve the mobile, industrial, marine, and agricultural industries in the Florida and lower Alabama areas. Our reputation has developed from our superior quality work and products offered coupled with our extensive knowledge. Industrial Hydraulic Services has many long standing relationships with customers that recognize the fairness in pricing and quality of job that we provide.

Quality is a key component of Industrial Hydraulic Services success. When we rebuild a unit, we aim to rebuild that unit to achieve 70-80% of the original life. For example, if your unit lasted 10 years before failing, we want to restore that unit so that it will perform for at least 7 years after we give it back to you. This is the quality standard we have set for ourselves with all of our workmanship. We offer a one year warranty for all of our work. If a unit failure occurs in that one year, we want to diagnose what caused the failure so we can better assist our customers. Industrial Hydraulic Services has always stood by its work and makes every effort to return quality products to its customers.

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